New Pinay Blogger


White Sand Beach Resort in Iba, Zambales #MaiWanderLand



Hi there! a new Pinay blogger has arrived!

I  was planning to be a blogger since 2010 but I didn’t know how to start and what to post…

Just this April 2016, I attempted to create my own website: which should be my personal blog. It’s now published but it has no content yet…

I never expected that starting your own website will be that hard… I know what to post but  I don’t know when to post, and how to post… Am I the only one who encountered that problem? I’ve paid for the domain already… But until  now, I haven’t posted anything…

Now, I decided to start with wordpress… I will check how this will progress…


As you see, I’m not someone famous…not even popular so I don’t know  if I will have any readers at all, but that won’t matter 🙂 I will post what I want to post 🙂  I will  write to share my experiences and my knowledge, even if the content won’t be interesting to  most readers.


Anyways.. Nice meeting everyone!


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