Mai First Stop: Mt. Ulap

the view
Mt. Ulap Overview


Mai meets the morning sun in Mt. Ulap

Everything starts with sunrise: The world’s colors, our daily lives, and so do our adventure!


#MaiWanderLand Photos:

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It was tiring yet so fun!!


My very first article is our adventure to Mt. Ulap. It took us 5 hours to finish the trail. There are 3 peaks and 2 side peaks. Each peak has its distinct view.


Anyways, here’s how you can reach Mt. Ulap at the cheapest possible way

First, take a Bus from Cubao to Baguio. That will cost you Php450. If you’re a student, then it will only be Php360. From the town proper, ride a jeepney going to Mt. Ulap, Ampucao, Itogon, Benguet. That will be Php50.

Once there, you just have to walk a little and you will see the registration area. Stores are already there you so can buy your food and your snack. We only ate boiled egg and bought 3L of water. Food prices aren’t that expensive compared to visiting islands and beaches 🙂

In the registration area, you will have to  write some of your details (name, address,etc). From there, they will assign you a tour guide. By the way, registration fee is Php100 per head and a tour guide is Php400 no matter how many you are in your group.

***See budget breakdown at the bottom***

It is most recommended to travel in groups to lessen expenses and to make sure someone is there to take your photos 😉 It’s hard to do selfies all the time.


The trail (My actual experience)



The trail for the first peak is the hardest since it’s the steepest. I didn’t anticipate that that’s why on the first 10 minutes, I got tired already so I stopped. I asked my friends to go  ahead of me so  I can recharge. I walk fast so I was confident that I would be able to reach them no matter how far away they are already. I started hiking again when I saw the next group of tourists coming. I reached them… Then I got tired again, so I asked them again to go ahead of me so I can rest. They were able to reach the first peak! I arrived later than them. But since I’ve seen the beautiful view from up above, I regained my energy. It hyped me up…I started hiking ahead of them. I knew that I will soon get tired again. And I did… So I stopped and waited for them. When they have arrived, we rested for a little longer.

Selfie while resting: Friends are ahead of me. LOL

While resting… LOL

Now, the trip for the 2nd peak, It was only quick. What will make you stay longer on that peak is the “picture-taking”. You have to line up just to have your photo taken at the edge of a cliff and you are only allowed to take 3 shots.


Here’s mine:

Let’s go dancing!
At the edge of a cliff… Mai Meditates
Staring at the sky with a star by my side

It is really worth the wait.


Third peak looked like the Chocolate Hills.

This is the best peak to lye down and rest. Strong winds are there! You can really sleep:)

Our tour guide saying “Job well done for reaching the 3rd peak”

Okay! I will share the photos of my friends!It was hard for me to convince them to trek but they had no choice when I  told them that even if they won’t come with me, I will still go 😉


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Now, for the Budget Breakdown:

(For a group of four:)


It can be lowered down  if you are more than 4 and if you’re a student to get the student discount of 20% for the bus fare.


And that’s it! Pardon me if my first blog post is not good.. I’m a newbie after all.. 🙂 If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve my blog and the way I write it, just let me know. 😉




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