Northern Escapade: Ilocos Tour (Pagudpod, Laoag, Vigan)

Hi! I’ve been  busy for the last  few weeks that I wasn’t able to update my blog. I apologize for the delay. Anyways, Let me share you some of our experience when we went to Ilocos. We were 3 so we named it “Tatlong Bibe Travel”. Hopefully this can serve as your travel guide for your next journey. Budget is Php 3,600 each for the whole tour. It can be lowered down depending on your negotiation skills. I will give you the breakdown of the most important expenses 😀

I never really had an idea on what to see in Ilocos except for the Windmills. I am aware that there are a lot  of beautiful tourist spots there, but I had no clue on what they look like. I didn’t search for pictures but my friend did so she prepared an itinerary for it. We spent 2 days in Pagudpod, then 1 day for both Laoag and Vigan. We started in Pagudpod because it’s the farthest and it’s best to Vigan  lastly so that our “Pasalubong” won’t be get spoiled right away.

This is just a simple Itinerary. Let’s start!

We contacted Kuya Ramon (09096745778) prior to our visit. He is  one of the tour guides roaming in Pagudpod but he’s definitely the best one. They have standard rate for tour guides with their trikes included. Here are the places we visited in Pagudpod:

– Bangui Windmills
– Bangui View Deck
– Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
– Cafe Bojeador Lighthouse

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– Kaibigan Waterfalls
– Patapat Viaduct
– Paraiso Ni Anton
– Agua Grande
– Timmangtang Rock
– Bantay Abot Cave
– Dos Hermanos Islands
– Blue Lagoon

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Tour rate is 600php for North Pagudpod plus another 600php  for South Pagudpod. It took us almost 2 days to visit these places.

We stayed in Juanita Uddon Homestay. Kuya Ramon will bring you there. It’s just 5 minutes away from the beach front. Rate is 800php per night and it’s negotiable. Just ask ate Florence 😉

Here are the expenses we incurred while in Pagudpod:

Partas Bus Station to Laoag= 750php
Laoag to Pagudpod = 90php (mini bus)

Group Expenses:

Kuya Ramon as tour guide for North and South Pagudpod = 1,200php/3 = php400
Juanita Uddon Homestay = 800php = 267php
South Pagudpod tour guide = 300php = 100php
Entrance for South Pagudpod = 45php = 15php
Kabigan Falls entrance = 130php = 43php

Total Expenses in Pagudpod: 1665php/pax

Now for Laoag, Kuya Ramon contacted his cousin, Kuya Wilson (09053636635) to tour us. The night before that, we stayed at Thalia’s homestay for 600php per night, good for 3 pax. Kuya Wilson knows where it is 🙂 Again, it’s  600php   for  whole Laoag Tour. The tour took us a half day to complete the tour in Laoag.

Here are the places we visited in Laoag:

– La Paz Sand Dunes or Paoay Sand Dunes
– Sinking Bell Tower
– Museo Ilocos Norte
– Marcos Museum & Mausoleum

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Expenses while in Laoag:

Pagudpod to Laoag = 90php (minibus)
Entrance Fees = 50php

Thalia’s homestay = 600php/3 = 200php
Tour guide for Laoag (Kuya Wilson) = 600php/3 = 200php
4 wheel sand dunes = 1000php/3 = 333php
(that’s normally 1500.. But kuya wilson negotiated with them so it went down to 1k)

Total Expenses in Laoag: 873php

Last but not the least, we visited Vigan 🙂 Here, you can hire a tour guide for the same rate at 600php, but it’s not really recommended since the places are just near to each other. You can just walk 😉 That saves your 600php as a group. It will only take you a half day to complete the tour.

Here are the places we visited in Vigan:

– Calle Crisologo
– Dancing Fountain
– Bantay Bell Tower
– Crisologo Museum
– Baluarte
– Pagburnayan (Jar Making)

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As for the Expenses:


Laoag to Vigan = 80php
Entance Fees and Donation = 75php
Vigan to Manila: 625php

Total Expenses in Vigan: 780php


Total Expenses in Pagudpod: 1665php/pax
Total Expenses in Laoag: 873php
Total Expenses in Vigan: 780php
TOTAL: 3318php

I  mentioned that we spent almost 3,600php  right? The rest is for food 🙂 The tour guides will bring you to the cheapest eatery yet serves delicious  food! The tour took us 3 days, but it’s actually doable to complete the tour in just two days. If you’re able to do that, then you will save another 600php or 800php as a group for the homestay.

You can do it this way:

Depart from Manila at 6pm and you will arrive in Pagudpod at 8am. Start your North and South Pagudpod Tour. If you will finish the tour prior to 7pm, then best to stay in Thalia’s homestay in Laoag for just 600php per group, but if you will finish the tour at 7pm and later, then best to stay in Juanita Uddon Homestay for 800php per group. Then spend your second day to complete Laoag and Vigan Tour 🙂

Speaking of Food:   Must Try in Ilocos — Bagnet, Empanada, Longganisa^_^



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