Visiting Caramoan


Hi! It’s summer again! I’m pretty sure that you’re looking for a summer getaway that will beat its heat! Of course, we must not forget that this getaway should be budget friendly since summer doesn’t exempt us from paying our bills so expensive trips are a no-go.

Luckily, I can recommend a place which rock formations look similar to Coron, whose sands are as fine as Boracay, and whose water is as clear as El Nido. Moreover, it’s just in Luzon! Land trip would be tough but it’s definitely worth it. Presenting, the Islands of Caramoan.

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How to go Caramoan:

There are 2 best options to reach destination:

-The fastest and most expensive way will be taking a flight to Naga City and take a van/bus going to Caramoan.


-Take a bus going directly to Caramoan. Raymund bus is the only one that offers direct travel to Caramoan. Direct travel takes 12-14 hours. If you’re not able to take the direct bus to Caramoan, you can have a cutting trip. Take a bus going to Naga then take another bus or van to Caramoan. Raymond bus offers only one direct trip to Caramoan at 3pm daily for a fare of P850php. Of course, since we’re on a tight budget, we took this option.

Prior to reaching the Raymund Bus Terminal in Caramoan, we contacted Kuya Ramil (09074351962) to pick  us up. Kuya Ramil served as our boatman and tour guide. He is also offering a homestay so your whole tour will be much easier.

We visited 8 islands  in total. 4 short trips and 4 long trips. We were able to complete these island hopping in 2  days 🙂

While on your journey to each island, the boatman will give you details about them  🙂 You’ll be surprised about their legends and tales ;). You don’t have to ask them, they will  already give those information to you. Islands are as follows:

-Manlawe Sandbar
-Cutivas Island
-Parola Island

The most common tale  will be the tale  of the milkfish in the Lagoon. Back then, there were 3 milkfish living in this lagoon but someone hunted the male milkfish and ate it with his son. In the end, those who ate the milkfish died due to an unknown reason. They were saying they got poisoned because of the  milkfish.

20161123_144006-01I’m sorry but I look fat in this photo.

Other stories will be told by them so you should totally take a tour! The views are totally amazing, the stories are fantasizing and I’m not overreacting!

Now let’s  go to our Itinerary and Expenses. Since Raymund bus only offers one direct trip at 3pm, it will be best to go there at least 15 minutes earlier. If you can’t make it,  cutting trip will be more hassle and  more expensive.

ITINERARY (2 days, 1 night)

Day 00
2:30 PM Assembly/Meet Ups Raymund Bus
3:00 PM ETD Raymund Bus
Day 01
6:00 AM ETA Caramoan, ask Kuya Ramil to  pick you up
6:30 AM Breakfast
7:00 AM Check In/Prepare Food
8:00 AM Start Island Hopping for short Trips
12:00 PM Lunch
 1:00 PM Contiue Island Hopping
3:00 PM End of Island Hopping
6:00 PM Back to Base
Day 02
5:00 AM Wake Up
5:30 AM Breakfast
6:00 AM Start of Island Hopping for  Long Trips
12:00 PM -Lunch
1:00 PM Continue Island Hopping
3:00 PM  End of Island Hopping
4:30 PM ETD Caramoan
6:00 PM ETA Manila



We spent 3.5k + food each. So the safe budget will be 3.7k with food and other accidental damages. Of course, the more, the merrier, the cheaper , the better!

Go ahead and invite more friends and enjoy your summer escapade! 🙂


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