A Glance At My Tale


“Concrete Angel” that’s the title of my favorite song. Why? Because it slightly depicts the story of my life.

My real name is Judessa Mai Y. Lorente. I grew up in Iba, Zambales. I love to do a lot of things and I appreciate everything around me. Be it music, nature, anime, arts, stories and everything else. I can play guitar a little, still trying to learn how to play flute, violin and piano.

I am 20 years old. Born on April 5, 1996 in Manila. Bicolano and Ilocano runs in my blood but I grew up in Zambales. I have four younger brothers. No sister, and yes, I am the eldest.

I am A graduate of BS Accounting Technology from the University of the East Manila. It was never my dream to be an Accountant, it was never in my plan and it was never my parents’ decision. Chances took me there. I never really cared about my profession. I just want to graduate. I just want to have a College Degree for I know to myself, no matter what job it is, I will be able to manage, not confidently, but accurately.

I graduated as a Valedictorian before entering college, was a University and College scholar, but those exemplary awards and credentials were not maintained due to some circumstances. I had to apply for a job and by luck, I got hired as a call center agent. I work at night, I study during the day. It was always full load to make sure that I will graduate on time. Graduating on time was my only pride so no matter what it takes, I have to graduate.

Yes, it was hard. I already find it lucky to complete 4 hours of sleep in a day. My OJT office, my call center office and my home are too distant and it consumes a lot of hours to travel. Additionally, I was an officer of the College of Business Administration Student Council so tough tasks are being bestowed upon me.

Now that I have more free time, I have decided to travel. I plan to visit all the tourist spots here  in the Philippines and share it to everyone, which is the main purpose of this blog although I am not famous or popular.

By the way, I love writing most particularly essays and poems so writing this piece is favorable for me. I can express myself better in writing(let me try to post it some time). I barely express myself verbally when it’s not necessary. I also love music, but it doesn’t even like me one bit. No problem, I think, that is just the way it goes and it applies to everyone.

I believe that’s it. In this short overview of my life, I can actually conclude that there’s nothing extraordinary about me, it’s not that interesting at all. I never said that it will be worth reading in the first place. I called it a tale, but it’s not a fairy tale. In is not even relevant to that.

Once done travelling and  giving my  parents a better life, I can finally settle with serenity and simplicity.